Trying To Think
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Surface Metaphysics and Data Mining
Surface metaphysics claims that to exist is simply to be pattern (that is capable of being tracked). Data Mining finds patterns, using the operational definition that a pattern enables prediction of new data. This seems similar, but a puzzling difference is that in Data Mining, it is the data that "exists", and the patterns are just useful abstractions of it (and so, applying a buddhist perspective on abstractions, they don't really exist at all, but are useful as a "screen" over reality). Can we reconcile this, and have a surface metaphysics perspective of data mining? And if so, how would data mining techniques and assumptions affect metaphysics (and vice-versa?)
The different definition of a pattern is also interesting; what patterns would data mining find if it used the surface metaphysics definition? Are the 2 equivalent? (and if so, SM should probably favour the more useful operational definition).

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